We harness our revolutionary Phylomer intracellular delivery and drug discovery technology to develop next generation treatment solutions for life-threatening diseases

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Best-in-class intracellular delivery

With its quantifiably superior endosomal escape, Phylogica’s Functional Penetrating Phylomer® (FPP) modular intracellular delivery technology permits more biologic drug payload to reach diverse disease targets in the cell.


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Reaching for previously unreachable intracellular oncology targets

Using proprietary Phylomer® oncology payloads aimed at Myc and other intracellular targets, Phylogica is developing therapies for a number of difficult to treat cancers.

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Phylomer Libraries

Leveraging the favourable characteristics and nature-derived structural diversity of our proprietary Phylomer peptide libraries in significant areas of unmet need.

Delivery Into Cells

Developing FPPs, selected using our proprietary capability to quantify endosomal escape, for intracellular delivery of diverse biologic payloads.

Drug Discovery

Identifying unique candidates through our Phylomer library-based drug discovery and phenotypic screening platform's superior number and quality of hits.

Oncology Pipeline

Developing Phylomer payloads for three highly sought-after intracellular oncology targets towards the formal preclinical stage.

Phylogica’s disruptive technology is based on a unique drug delivery and discovery engine, creating a new platform for drug development that allows unprecedented access to disease targets beyond the reach of existing therapies

Phylogica is developing next generation intracellular biological therapeutics, including its own preclinical Myc-inhibitor oncology payload, using its proprietary best-in-class cell penetrating Functional Penetrating Phylomer® (FPP) endosome escape technology.   Both the payload and delivery modules are derived from Phylogica’s proprietary Phylomer® peptide libraries.

Phylogica offers access to its intracellular delivery technology for diverse protein/nucleic acid payloads. Ongoing and past discovery alliance partners include Roche, Medimmune, Pfizer, Janssen and Genentech.





Phylogica welcomes new partnerships

Enabling innovation partners to develop their own therapies against their intracellular disease targets of choice.