In vivo success – peptide vaccine in Herpes Simplex Virus

Change in Director Interests Notices – Appendices 3X, Y and Z

Notice of Change of Interest of Substantial Holder

Successful Delivery of CRISPER/Cas9 into cells ex vivo

Changes to the Board of Directors

Chairman’s AGM Address and Results of Meeting

AGM Company Presentation

Sept 2018 Quarterly Operations Update and App4C

Fourfold Delivery Improvement in a New Lead Candidate

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Corporate Governance Statement and Appendix 4G

Annual Report to Shareholders

R&D Tax Incentive Refund

Change of Director’s Interest Notice

Appendix 3B and Section 708A Notice

Annual Financial Report

Reinstatement to Official Quotation

Phylogica Recapitalisation

Update on Capital Raising

Suspension from Official Quotation

Preliminary Final Report

Phylogica’s platform described in Nature – Scientific Reports

Delivering Cancer Treatment Inside Cells – Nature Oncogene

June 2018 Quarterly Operational Update and Appendix 4C

Achievement of Major Milestone – In vivo Cre Delivery

Successful In-vivo Results Peptide Vaccine T-Cell Expansion

Peer Reviewed Journal Publication

Change in Substantial Holding

Chief Executive Officer Employment Terms

Investor Presentation May 2018

Final Director’s Interest Notice

March Quarter Investor Call Details

March 2018 Operational Update and Cashflow

Initial and Change of Director’s Interest Notices

Changes to Board and Management

Notice of Change of Interest of Substantial Shareholder

Notice of Change of Interest of Substantial Shareholder

Phylogica Appoints New Scientific Advisory Board Member

PYC Pivot to Platform – BioShowcase Presentation

FPP Results Effective in Delivering Peptide Cancer Vaccine

Phylogica Strategic Update – Pivot to Platform

Final Director’s Interest Notice

Company Presentation – 2017 Annual General Meeting

Chairman’s Address – 2017 Annual General Meeting

Paul Watt Joins Phylogica Scientific Advisory Board

Company Presentation – BIO Europe November 2017

Corporate Governance Statement

Annual Report to shareholders

Becoming a substantial holder

Appointment of Non-Executive Director

Investor Presentation – October 2017

June 2017 Annual Financial Statements

Finance News Network Interview with the CEO

Sydney Investor Presentation

New Delivery Vehicles Show Improved Performance Inside Cells

Investor Presentation

Phylogica Investor Briefing – August 2017 Amended

Appendix 4C – quarterly

S 708A cleansing notice for option exercise

Application for listing upon option exercise

Appendix 3B option exercise

S708 Cleansing Notice option issue

Executive Director Remuneration

Becoming a substantial holder

Ceasing to be a substantial holder

Change in substantial holding

Change of Director’s Interest Notice

CEO and CSO Appointments

Share issue S708A cleansing notice

Application for listing $5m placement

Change of Director’s Interest Notice

S708A notice upon the issue of shares

S708 Notice for issue of shares

Appendix 3B application for listing

Final Director’s Interest Notice

Initial Director’s Interest Notice (two directors)

Operational Update March Quarter

Resignation of Secretary

Operational Update

Genentech extends research collaboration period

NHMRC Grant Awarded to Collaborators

AGM Presentation to Shareholders

Chair’s Address to Shareholders

Becoming a substantial holder

Appendix 4C – quarterly

Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form

Annual Report to shareholders