The latest updates from the Phylogica team


A platform for discovery of functional cell-penetrating peptides for efficient multi-cargo intercellular delivery

Nature | Scientific Reports 2018, 8:12538

Katrin Hoffmann, Nadia Milech, Suzy M. Juraja1, Paula T. Cunningham, Shane R. Stone, Richard W. Francis, Mark Anastasas, Clinton M. Hall, Tatjana Heinrich, Heique M. Bogdawa, Scott Winslow, Marie N. Scobie, Robert E. Dewhurst, Laura Florez, Ferrer Ong, Maria Kerfoot, Danie Champain, Abbie M. Adams, Susan Fletcher, Helena M. Viola, Livia C. Hool, Theresa Connor, Brooke A. C. Longville, Yew-Foon Tan, Karen Kroeger, Volker Morath, Gregory A. Weiss, Arne Skerra, Richard M. Hopkins & Paul M. Watt

Tumor penetrating peptides inhibiting MYC as a potent targeted therapeutic strategy for triple-negative breast cancers

Oncogene, 2018

Edina Wang, Anabel Sorolla, Paula T. Cunningham, Heique M. Bogdawa, Samuel Beck, Emily Golden, Robert E. Dewhurst, Laura Florez, Mark N. Cruickshank, Katrin Hoffmann, Richard M. Hopkins, Jonghwan Kim, Andrew J. Woo, Paul M. Watt,  Pilar Blancafort

β-Lactamase Tools for Establishing Cell Internalisation and Cytosolic Delivery of Cell Penetrating Peptides

Biomolecules 2018, 8, 51

Shane R. Stone, Tatjana Heinrich, Suzy M. Juraja, Jiulia Satiaputra, Clinton M. Hall, Mark Anastasas, Anna D. Mills, Christopher A. Chamberlain, Scott Winslow, Kristen Priebatsch, Paula T. Cunningham, Katrin Hoffmann and Nadia Milech

Structure-diverse Phylomer libraries as a rich source of bioactive hits from phenotypic and target directed screens against intracellular proteins

Chemical Biology 2017, 38:127-133

Paul M Watt, Nadia Milech and Shane R Stone

GFP-complementation assay to detect functional CPP and protein delivery into living cells.

Nature | Scientific Reports 2015, 5:18329.

Nadia Milech, Brooke AC Longville, Paula T Cunningham, Marie N Scobie, Heique M Bogdawa, Scott Winslow, Mark Anastasas, Theresa Connor, Ferrer Ong, Shane R Stone, Maria Kerfoot, Tatjana Heinrich, Karen M Kroeger, Yew-Foon Tan, Katrin Hoffmann, Wayne R Thomas, Paul M Watt & Richard M Hopkins