Partnering Strategy and Opportunities

Phylogica’s business model is open to alliances at any stage including:

  • Discovery alliances
  • Alliances around our internal programs


Phylogica is open to multiple licensing structures  including:

  • License existing FPPs for particular payloads or targets
  • Develop customised and proprietary FPP exclusively for partner’s use


We can deliver your biologics payload into a wide range of cell types

We can help hit your intracellular target of interest with Phylomers® as payloads

We are open to potentially partnering on our existing programs (Myc, STAT5, YB1)

Intellectual Property Advantage

The peptides sequence derived from the Phylomer platform rarely correspond to patented matter, expanding our partners’ freedom-to-operate against high value targets.


To find out more about our partnering opportunities, contact Rohan Hockings on +61 8 6151 0992.