Phylogica has developed a panel of Phylomer libraries, which are tailor-made to allow screening depending upon the nature of the target – be it extracellular or intracellular.

Phylomer® libraries are in various phage display and yeast-two-hybrid formats as well as in mammalian expression vectors for phenotypic screening. Suitable for high throughput, these platforms facilitate rapid sampling of the Phylomer libraries for the structures and shapes that most efficiently bind a protein or disrupt specific protein-protein interactions that may be important mediators of disease.

Phylogica has successfully screened its Phylomer libraries to isolate potent Phylomer peptide leads against:

  • Challenging intracellular targets, including signalling adaptor proteins and transcription factors, and
  • Extracellular biological drug targets including receptor-ligand interactions.


Phylomer libraries have also yielded high quality hits in cell-based screens for binders to membrane-associated targets.