Phylogica has a strong intellectual property portfolio around its proprietary Phylomer peptide library and associated technology.

Phylogica has 12 active patent families comprising multiple granted/allowed patents covering international markets, including the US, and Australia.

Phylomer® peptides, being fragments of naturally occurring proteins sourced from the genomes of an evolutionary diverse range of microbes (Bacteria and Archaea) and therefore have a different origin than antibodies and hence are not bound by traditional antibody patents.

Phylogica’s patent families cover methods of making the Phylomer libraries, methods of screening them and composition-of-matter claims for Phylomer libraries and individual Phylomer peptides discovered for therapeutic and diagnostic applications. Following the original genomic Phylomer library patents, Phylogica has extended the duration of its intellectual property coverage over its Phylomer libraries with independent patents covering synthetic Phylomer libraries.

Phylogica has recently filed intellectual property around its proprietary Functional Penetrating Phylomer® (FPP) technology for more efficient intracellular delivery of biologics. In addition to methods of screening, these patents also cover composition-of-matter of a wide range of FPP peptides.