Phylogica is developing next generation intracellular biological therapeutics using its proprietary best-in-class cell penetrating “FPP” with superior endosomal escape capability. Phylogica offers access to its intracellular delivery technology for diverse protein and nucleic acid payloads.

We believe our FPP (Functional Penetrating Phylomer®) intracellular delivery platform is superior to other delivery technologies.

Key attributes of our platform include:

  • Enables superior levels of endosomal escape
    • Endosomal escape is a critical feature required for efficient intracellular delivery, which other intracellular delivery platforms have not demonstrated to the extent of our FPPs.  Phylogica’s proprietary Endosomal Escape Trap screen and Split GFP assay allows us to identify and quantify the degree of endosomal escape in order to select the most effective FPPs.  This capability helps establish our FPPs as best-in-class.
  • Compatible with a wide range of payloads
    • Our FPPs are able to deliver payloads from as small as oligonucleotides/siRNA to as large as enzymes – which greatly expands the range of therapies for which FPPs can be used to deliver and the diseases that can be treated.
  • Outperforms other intracellular delivery technologies in delivering biologic payloads more efficiently to the cytoplasm
    • Our delivery of cargoes to the cytoplasm outperforms the current gold standard of intracellular delivery technology known as TAT
  • Functional in multiple cell types

    • FPP-delivered payloads can function in various cell types rather than being restricted to small subsets of cell types such as liver cells or transformed cancer cells. This provides significant scope for expanding the range of treatable targets.
  • Preliminary evidence of intravenous in vivo efficacy 
(using Omomyc payload)
    • Evidence of in vivo activity in two distinct animal models following intravenous administration.
  • Promising initial safety signals
    • Our in vitro experiments show little evidence of toxicity. This is supported by preliminary evidence from in vivo experiments, both of our own and with collaborators, with no evidence of toxicity of FPP-only controls.


Phylogica’s FPPs – intracellular delivery and endosomal escape

Phylogica’s FPPs can carry a biologic drug payload into the cell, including with a cell-targeting module if required.

Phylogica’s Endosomal Escape Trap Screen

Phylogica’s proprietary in-vitro Endosomal Escape Trap Screen is used to identify FPPs that have escaped the endosome.